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Vocal Condenser Microphone
Vocal Condenser Microphone
Oktava is a legendary brand of electroacoustic equipment that combines the best practices of the Soviet engineering school and the latest technological solutions.

The plant’s microphones were used by such stars as U2, Sting, Iron Maiden and Radiohead, Marilyn Manson, Vladimir Vysotsky, the Turkish Choir, sound engineers of the Black Star label and many others.

Hollywood films, dialogues in films of Unlimited Films company were voiced in "Oktava", whole scenes
in Russian films "The Last Test" and "BEEF: Russian hip-hop" were recorded.

The "Oktava" is used by the founder and owner of the Electrical Audio company, which manages recording studios in Chicago, Stephen Frank Albini (Nirvana, Jimmy Page, PJ Harvey, Robert Plant were recorded in his studio), Hollywood sound engineer Charles Mainz, sound engineer and vice president of Rainbow ENC Lionel Josh Lee and many other famous sound engineers.
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