Wireless vocal radio system Oktava OWS-U1200H with one hand-held transmitter - it's high quality components, perfect sound and cutting edge desing. It's applicable for sound management in theaters, film studios, lecture or concert halls and any other professional venues. Oktava radio systems can also be used in karaoke clubs and at home.

Wireless vocal radio system

Durable, but lightweight
OWS-U1200H transmitter guarantees uncompromising quality for professional performance. Top sound transmission scheme and an exclusive microphone capsule ensures the clarity of reproduction of each note. Built-in IR transmitter for fast synchronization with the receiver
Simple and user friendly control and configuration system
Display pannel simultaneously shows channel number, operating frequency, audio and radio signal levels, as well as information about current charge level of the transmitter. Easy-to-use interface allows to set up to 200 different radio frequency channels.
Standart BNC-connectors allow to connect additional equipment that extends the operating range of the system. Due to this it's significantly easier to use OWS-U1200H at large concert venues when the sound engineer is far from the stage. This feature makes the radio system very attractive in the current price range.
Radio system provides signal transmission in a wide range
IR synchronization between receiver
and transmitter for quick setup
Ability to scale up to 30 simultaneously operating
radio systems
Stable transmitter operation for 8 hours
The radio system provides stable
signal reception within a radius of 80 meters and allows
to fully transmit all the nuances and details of the voice
True Diversity function for increasing the quality and reliability
of the wireless communication line
True Diversity technology for reliable signal reception
IR synchronization for quick setup
Ergonomic metal case of transmitter and receiver
Kit contains:
• Microphone
• Power supply unit
• Microphone holder
• Wind noise reducer
• Protective marking ring
• Jack 6.35 cable
• AA battariers6 2 pcs
• Receiver
• Detachable BNC aerials
• Power supply unit
• Microphone holder
• Wind noise reducer
• Protective marking ring
• Jack 6.35 cable
• AA battariers 2 pcs
• Сarrying case
• Microphone
• Receiver
• Detachable BNC aerials
Oktava OWS-U1200H
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Unpacking the Oktava OWS-U1200H radio system
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Vocal radio system Oktava OWS-U1200H
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